Travel Insurance FAQs

There are a whole lot of misconceptions associated with journey coverage, and understandably maximum humans aren’t as properly versed withinside the nice information of journey coverage as I am – I can’t say that I blame them! However, many misconceptions positioned humans prone to spending pointless quantities of cash on regions that might and need to be blanketed through their journey coverage coverage.

So, I’ve compiled this mini journey coverage FAQ to help the ones who’ve doubts, concerns or questions on journey coverage.

Q: What need to I do earlier than going overseas?

A: Make positive you’ve got got good enough journey coverage and which you have checked the FCO Travel Advice for the international locations you’re travelling. Check you’ve got got enough cash and that your passport is up-to-date. Take a photocopy of your passport information and maintain in a secure region. Check what inoculations and visas are required. Note down the numbers and addresses of the United Kingdom embassy and consulate withinside the usa you’re visiting to.

Q: Should I take out journey coverage earlier than my excursion?

A: I can be a bit biased in this one, however yes! It is extraordinarily essential which you take out good enough journey coverage even for quick journeys or visits to Europe, and truely vital in international locations outdoor the EU in which specific situations make infection much more likely and less costly clinical cowl that bit greater tough to get maintain of. It additionally covers for cancellation as quickly as you ee-e book your journey.

If you journey to a usa, or a part of a usa, towards FCO recommendation, it’s miles not likely that your insurer might meet any declare, but. Should the FCO recommendation trade after you’ve got got booked a vacation, take a look at the location together along with your excursion operator and journey coverage organisation.

Q: Should I be searching at unmarried journey or annual multi journey journey coverage?

A: Only you could solution that surely – even though unmarried journey coverage is (normally) less expensive, it does precisely what it says and covers you for simply the only journey. By contrast, annual multi journey journey coverage will cowl you for the complete 12 months on numerous breaks, making it the selection in case you suppose you’re in all likelihood to journey that an awful lot. You can also additionally discover that simply taking journeys a 12 months might make annual multi journey journey coverage less expensive than the unmarried journey variety!

Q: What kind of cause for cancellation is legitimate to make certain cowl from journey coverage?

A: As lengthy as your cause is in the scope of cowl furnished through your coverage, then you definitely need to be entitled to say in maximum instances. Legitimate motives for canceling your journey may want to consist of an infection or dying withinside the own circle of relatives (as described through your coverage), freak climate situations postponing journey for twenty-four hours, housebreaking or harm to your private home, being a sufferer of crook attack ensuing in you being medically not able to journey, being referred to as up for emergency army provider or jury duty (challenge to the unique phrases and situations of the coverage). Likewise, if the resort or hotel (for impartial tourists) you’re because of go to suffers from a terrorist assault withinside the days main up for your journey, you may normally be capable of declare.

Q: Who can pay if I want to be hospitalized foreign places or flown again to the United Kingdom?

A: If you’ve got got right journey coverage, the coverage organisation need to pay such costs. If now no longer, the fee will fall to you or your spouse and children and buddies.

Q: Is a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) similar to medical health insurance?

A: No. The loose European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) indicates that the holder is entitled to decreased or loose emergency care most effective in the EU. You will nonetheless want journey coverage to make certain you’ll be blanketed absolutely withinside the occasion of infection or injury. The EHIC card will assist aleven though, through lowering your preliminary outlay earlier than you could be reimbursed through your journey coverage organisation.

Q: Is my pre present clinical situation a large issue?

A: Generally, yes. Check the wording of your coverage to make certain it covers pre-present clinical situations. Often they’re now no longer blanketed except you pay an additional top rate, and in case you fail to claim your situation while you purchase the journey coverage, you’ll be not able to say on it. As usually the important thing recommendation right here is to test the coverage wording with a nice teeth comb.

Q: How can I discover whether or not it’s miles secure to journey to a selected usa?

A: It is strongly suggested which you take a look at the FCO Travel Advice segment in their internet site ( This statistics is often up to date and need to provide you with strong recommendation on in which is and isn’t always secure to journey (bear in mind, regions formally mentioned as ‘dangerous’ will seldom be blanketed through journey coverage guidelines).

Q: Is it secure to journey after a terrorist assault foreign places?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no such factor as hazard-loose journey, and the absence of recommendation towards journey to a selected usa or region does now no longer suggest that the FCO ensures protection in that usa or region.

I wish this journey coverage FAQ has proved beneficial – it’s most effective surely scratching the provider and every coverage is specific, however with this recommendation you need to be in a higher function to keep round, subsequent time you want to buy journey coverage.


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